Sunday, 25 August 2013

experience past few year

i started to play this game .. when epic 5 retail from asian soft company .. that time people still crowded play at retail coz cash shop still cheap and affordable to play ... whats make me play this game rappelz is different from other online game .. they have pet system and easy game play ... and they had such a good community and friends and make me feel alive while im playing :D

Thursday, 10 January 2013


rappelz online gaming base on our experience since from retail server until private server .. basic rappelz just like other game that we need do level  farming duengon and pvp  to become most stronger for game play ..

rappelz have 3 different races as  Gaia their base skill earth fire and wind , Deva specialize in healing and have deffensive buff  and other is Asura the most dark classes master of the darkmagic with disticnt offensive skill and high evasion

what make special about rappelz is their trademark design include with  pet system ,a creatures can be grown train and fight with master which is can level up and go through 3 stage evolution and learn battle skill with pet job lvl , pet choose  are depends on what type classes that u choose ..
well as fair to say that an avatar reincarnating through pet can be 3 times more powerful  and efficient  than a regular warrior ..

and other is rappelz also have their personality as in game play need some equitment ,deco item and do some
task to gain ur job lvl genpoint level and money or they call as rupee to prepare ur item and more ....and rappelz also offering duengon siege only be won by closely coordinating with a guild there are 2 lvl in duengon siege which is first lvl are going for raid and second is the siege u might to need build ur own guild and go as a team to defeat other oppenent in siege ..